Design Consortium works as a full-service organizer where they provide creative, efficient and innovative design solutions. The problem was to do their branding and design their logo, brochure, corporate deck and other variant profiles.


The Flying Saints team initiated the design research process ardently where the hexagon shape structure was researched and carved as their logo’s base. Besides this, proper branding was done along with the creation of corporate desk, and brochure design.


The work done by our team is highly admirable; this is what Design Consortium portrayed in their outcome, as they were able to generate better clientele and were able to enhance their goodwill through our means.

Nilanjan Bhowal

Principal Architect of Design Consortium

I currently have a website, logo, and marketing collaterals that precisely reflects both the culture and nature of my business. I anticipate continuing my association with Flying Saints to meet the changing needs of my organization and to keep up the current website for further modifications. So far, I had an enjoyable experience with this team.

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