Infinity OD builds the strategy for organization’s to broaden their area of development; the company focuses on the overall growth with their new innovative ideas that require new technology, i.e., AI. The challenge was to build a minimalistic logo and website design which defines the brand name, i.e., Infinity OD.


The request was taken care of with proper attention and zeal. The logo itself is self-explanatory and shows innovation. Likewise, the website was outlined with an intent to explain the company’s profile most creatively, and explaining how AI can help businesses.

We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in organizational transformations. In fact, we are one of the few OD firms with such a deep focus on this subject. We bring to this field a very wide experience of managing change in its many shapes and forms,across many industries, and many geographies. We also bring depth from the academic field of change, having written and presented papers on the subject at many key international conferences.



Ready Website


The company’s product/service complexity was molded in a way where a reader can have the brand’s attention. The company was able to reach potential clients, as the new website design explains the company profile with ease. The brand goodwill is increasing day by day.

Shalini Lal

CEO and Founder, Infinity OD

I believe my company has attained perfection. The success rate is immeasurable after getting new logo design and website. I’m thankful to you and looking forward to continue my relations with your agency.

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