The challenge was real for them when it came to Calendar outline for their Brand. As they wanted to feature their watches and brand extras with global brand ambassadors.


After contemplating on this project. We developed an Elegant and Enticing Calendar design. The global brand guidelines were implemented in the calendar and newsletter. Nevertheless, we came with an exquisite design.

Calendar Design

Mask Group 27
Mask Group 30
Mask Group 31


The design was carried out in such a way which was appealing to the consumers and define the product along with its quality. Our agency designed several concepts for the product. The designing reflects their product essence and attributes, and also defines the premium quality which is being addressed to the international market. The new design showed up very well, as they were able to entice the target audience. The precise color scheme in their designing was used after considering the psychology of colors.


Our primary purpose was to make an excellent visual presentation of brochure and make them clear and attractive. Thus, we came up with a light, Minimalistic and trendy design.

TAG Heuer