Social Backpack


N2-X is a backpack niche based company whose target audience is kids. They were looking for a logo and a responsive website that delivers their message clearly while allowing their users to customize their backpacks and make a purchase with ease.


After studying their market and product while keeping their target audience in mind. We created a logo that exactly matches their product design. Besides this, a responsive and SEO friendly website was developed that works exceptionally well.


Hard work pays, and it can be seen from the sales generated by N2-X. The integration of animation which was created explicitly for kids, helped the users to be more interactive with the website design. Likewise, an SEO friendly design helped the brand to reach their intent with ease.

Dhruv Khurana

CEO of Stamper

My organization just propelled our totally patched up site and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out. They took our old site with obsolete designs, text styles, and so on., and changed it into a cutting-edge and unbelievably alluring website. Their group is an ideal blend of left and right brains.

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